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Delivering successful safety and security programs means earning trust and building teamwork.  During the planning stages, we work closely with our customers to identify short and long term goals, provide feasibility studies, and establish a framework with defined timetables and outcomes.

Offering a vast network of resources and experience, we have the expertise and flexibility to partner with you on your Safety and Security enhancements.


corporate environments

Safety and security on a corporate campus or business center ensures the safety of the executive team, employees, assets, and confidential information. It is important because corporations and business offices are often the target of theft, unlawful entry, kidnappings, bombings, forcible occupation, medical incidents, fires, sabotage, and natural disasters. 

Enhancing existing corporate safety programs through our Rapid Response safety and security ecosystem can increase your efficiencies and the likelihood of a rapid recovery restoring normal activities getting you back to normal operations as quickly as possible. Down time equals lost revenue that effects the bottom line.  

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Rapid Response strengthens Healthcare facility preparedness and responses to public safety. Healthcare operations and public safety pose unique challenges. Facilities must balance the open campus environment with the safety needs of the hospital’s patients, employees, and other assets. 



When a school is faced with an emergency situation such as acts of violence, a fire, a medical emergency, or natural disaster, one isolated incident can easily compound into multiple safety and security needs within seconds. These incidents require time-sensitive response, communication, and action to get students and staff to a safe place as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

How educational facilities prepare, train, respond, and communicate with internal and external constituents during a critical incident can contribute significantly to the success in responding to and recovering from a school safety incident.

Parents and students are under the impression that all possible steps from prevention, to preparedness, to implementation have been taken. When an incident occurs, many parents and students then question whether all measures were taken in responding to the emergency.

IRIS ALERT 3.0x combined with Rapid Response training programs keep universities CLERY ACT compliant.



Construction sites pose many challenges with the vast amounts of workers, contractors, deliveries, building materials and equipment continually flowing in and out, unstructured space, unwanted visitors, vandalism, theft, security, fire, medical, and environmental challenges every site encounters. 

Every construction site is different and Rapid Response tools easily integrate and enhance existing safety programs to provide the most effective solutions.

Sports & Entertainment

Venue owners and operators face a myriad of risk associated with owning and/or operating a sports or entertainment venue. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, large public gatherings that "celebrate American popular culture" such as professional and amateur sporting events, concerts, and other entertainment events are high on the list of potential targets. Rapid Response provides Sports and Entertainment venues with critical components in managing these events.



For millions of people, daily shopping is a national pastime and Rapid Response works with Mixed use / Retail business to establish safe shopping environments. The industry’s focus on customer safety and security issues is the top priority of all organizations.

These facilities are gathering places for families, teenagers, couples and communities. But the very things that make them attractive — a variety of stores and restaurants, easy access and clusters of people — also make them among the most difficult places to secure and keep safe.

The organizations like tightly-controlled and safe spaces for shopping, entertainment, and dining. Both small and large facilities present great problems for those who are in charge of the safety and security of the retailers and customers. Security and safety depends on proper management of the crowd, its movement, its transportation to and away from the establishment, and the way a customer spends their time.  Rapid Response programs help create safe shopping and working environments.



Hospitality groups are stepping up their requirements for guest and staff safety without impacting their day to day operations or the guests’ experience. 

Rapid Response delivers tailored solutions that improve hotels ability to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from safety and security incidents. We also understand that the level of sophistication and functionality required in safety and security systems is driven by the size of the hotel. The solutions Rapid Response offers interoperate seamlessly to provide cost effective safety and security measures for hotels of all sizes.

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Industrial facilities need to be among the safest and most secure facilities. Operational safety, personnel training and emergency preparedness procedures need to ensure the safety and security of workers and our communities. Having high safety standards that are constantly being re-evaluated makes our clients industrial procedures and preparedness plans even stronger.

Improvements to operations, emergency backup generators, physical security, fortified security parameters, and high-tech surveillance equipment help to protect against any potential threat.

Rapid Response helps our Industrial clients plan for extreme events to help ensure the safety and security of the plants, workers, and communities. 

    •    Industrial facilities should be prepared for natural disasters, operational accidents, or security threats. Facilities should have comprehensive on-site and off-site emergency response plans. Each industrial plant should conduct full-scale emergency exercises every two years, coordinated with local and state government agencies.

    •    Facility plans should include protective measures such as sheltering in place and evacuation of communities if hazardous materials can cause harm outside of the industrial property.



Rapid Response focuses on three key elements when working with a residential community: ensuring the safety of the residents, protecting property, and enhancing the quality of life for the residents. 

We provide residential programs for Gated Communities, HOAs, Condo’s, and Apartments. We understand how important it is to implement safety measures that protect residents and their property while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere that is appropriate for residents, visitors, and service providers.



One of the major problems facing the aviation industry is how to maintain a high level of safety and security while not impeding the efficiency that passengers have always expected. We work directly with airport and airlines leadership and staff so that they are better prepared to respond to safety and security incidents resulting in a safer and positive experience for travelers.

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ENERGY / utility

Energy and Utility facilities require a proactive program focusing on PREVENTION and rapid recovery since a critical incident effecting one of these locations directly impacts the surrounding  community with major community repercussions. Rapid Response provides the necessary tools to prepare for and respond to any  potential risk that could and can affect a facility. 

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Rapid Response recognizes that federal facilities require a specialized focus on safety and emergency management. To learn more about how Rapid Response can help manage the sensitive and classified personnel at these facilities please contact us so we can learn about your specific needs.