Providing Response by Design solutions to our customers, Rapid Response is a valued team member and a single-source provider.  Combining extensive experience, forward-thinking, and a collaborative approach; we help our customers enhance their existing system by empowering your entire team to take deliberate actions in times of crisis.  By building resilient businesses we build resilient communities. 


Through a structured system of Professional Services combined with IRIS Alert, our team of experienced professionals work in partnership to define new approaches and future challenges that expose organizational vulnerabilities to staff, workflow, facilities, operations, and data centers.  Our solutions are robust, redundant, flexible, scalable, and deployable across the entire organization. 

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communication advantage with iris alert

Interoperable communications during a critical incident is imperative in the work environment. Two-way mobile communication that supports leadership, safety teams, and the entire staff population. Learn more at the IRIS Alert page.  

Prevention and mitigation

We work with you to build integrated industry specific policies, procedures, and protocols that meet organizations strategic priorities to reduce risk and liability. 


We work with you to prepare for Operational Readiness combining a coordinated approach through Emergency Operation Planning, vulnerability assessment, safety teams, and staff training.

Everyone on Your team should know how to respond to natural disasters, Workplace Violence, External Threats, Fires, Hazards, and  Medical Emergencies. 

Our versatile programs have been developed by Professional Responders in the areas of Law Enforcement,  Fire Rescue,  Medical Response,  Military Operations, and Search and Rescue.

Rapid Response subject matter experts prepare our clients for any type of emergency and the essential roles individuals play. We help define physical and organizational boundaries giving our customers the ability to make choices. We provide hands on critical incident training, tools, and resources that can be applied in any environment during any emergency situation.  Acknowledging your fundamental role helps ensure the safety and security of customers, staff, and property.


Integrated company response in accordance with strategic priorities.

a coordinated response improves the following outcomes

    •    Increases efficiencies to critical incidents.

    •    Establishes systematic and routine approach.

    •    Promptly identifies and supports decision makers.

    •    Provides improved plans to protect lives and property.

    •    Improves management of public information and reduces exposure to vicarious liability.


Restoration of staff and facilities to normal operations as rapidly as possible.


We are committed to supporting the welfare of the public. Emergency situations are sudden and unforeseen or occur following varying periods of warning. Our Rapid Response systems are intended to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate contingencies of all types, magnitudes, and duration.


Backed by combined experiences in local, national, and international safety and security programs, the Rapid Response Emergency Systems team is dedicated to solution-based emergency response protocols and best practices that support the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Justice, and the Department of Defense.


We empower individuals to be bold and take action in times of crisis. Successful results happen when every individual understands their purpose and goals to respond with certainty of results.