Communication is a vital component during a crisis and IRIS Alert 3.0x provides an all-hazard interoperable solution for your organization.


Recognizing a communication gap in critical incident communications, the Rapid Response team developed and  launched IRIS ALERT 3.0x smart technology to bridge the gap. We know every day individuals and facilities face precarious situations where communication plays a decisive role and seconds count. When faced with a critical incident the clock starts counting and how communication develops is crucial. IRIS ALERT 3.0x interoperable communication technology enhances existing communication systems and moves them to a modern mobile communication platform.

Intelligent Communication

IRIS Alert3.0x intelligent communications platform transforms emergency communication protocols for organizations around the world. IRIS Alert intelligent communications go beyond traditional unified communications, enabling you to complete tasks more efficiently with fluid and intuitive context switching, participate in more productive responses that cover the entire life safety communication lifecycle, and better manage standard emergency response communications overload.

IRIS Alert's core intelligent communications brings together leadership, safety teams, and all staff to provide a single hub for teamwork.  To achieve our vision for intelligent communications, IRIS Alert 3.0x brings structured and comprehensive capabilities, along with data and insights, to empower every team member to achieve more; faster. Teamwork is essential during critical situations.

IRIS Alert 3.0x includes

Tiered COMMUNICATION capabilities including Command, safety team, all other staff

push button security, medical, fire, hazard, weather alert notification

2-way mobile notifications and communication from Command



Emergency operations plans

incident report forms


All of this built on a secure and modern infrastructure for enterprise-grade communications. Our next generation architecture is already  evolving rapidly. We are excited about this new infrastructure because it will provide higher quality communication experiences.  Developed by certified Apple and Android developers, the Rapid Response IT team continues to design, develop, and enhance IRIS ALERT 3.0x technology for todays emergency communication.

IRIs alert / available at apple store & google play